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Ultra-small, high power.
Low coil power consumption.
Can be soldered directly to printed circuit boards.
For household appliances, automation systems, electronic equipment, instruments, meters, communication devices and control systems.
Contact Data

Contact Material AgCdO   AgSnO2
Contact Form 1A(1H) (SPSTBNO) 1B(1D) SPSTNC 1C(1Z) SPDT(B-M)
Contact Rating
5A, 10A/250VAC 7A, 16A/277VAC 12A, 20A/125 VAC TV-8
Motor load: NO: 1HP250 VAC NC: 12HP250VAC
(resistive) resistive: 12A,15A,20A/125VAC,28VD16CA; /277VAC;7A/400VAC; 5A,10A,16A/250VAC 
  Lamp: TV-5,120VAC,240VAC TV-8 125VAC; 
Switching Power(Max.) 4450VA
Switching Voltage(Max.) 277VAC Max.SwitchingCurrent:20A
Contact Resistance ≤100mΩ
Mechanical endurance 107   
Electrical endurance  105      5×105

Operation condition

Insulation Resistance 250MΩ min (at 500VDC) Item7 of IEC 60255-5
Dielectric Strength Between contacts Between contact and coil 50Hz 750V
50Hz 1500V 50Hz;Impulse Voltage: 4kV
Item 6 of IEC 60255-5
Item 6 of IEC 60255-5
Shock resistance 100m/s2 11ms  IEC 68-2-27 Test Ea
Vibration resistance 10Hz~55Hz doubleamplitude1.0mm  IEC 68-2-6 Test Fc
Terminals strength 5N  IEC 68-2-21 Test Ua1
Solderability 260℃±5℃    5s±0.5s   IEC 68-2-20 Test Ta method 1
Ambient Temperature -40℃  ~85℃   
Relative Humidity 90%(at 40℃ )  IEC 68-2-3 Test Ca
Mass 10g  

Coil Parameter

Specification number Coil voltage VDC

Coil resistance Ω±10%

Pickup voltage VDC(max) (75%of rated voltage )

Release voltage VDC(min)

(10% of rated voltage)

Coil power consumption W

Operate Time ms

Release Time ms



o a ob

1.The use of any coil voltage less than the rated coil voltage will compromise the operation of the relay.

2.Pickup and release voltage are for test purposes only areandot to be used as design criteria.

Ordering Informati

NT73/1      C/2   S/3   20/4   DC12V/5  0.36/6  F/7
1 model: NT73-3
2 contact form: A: 1A: B: 1B: C: 1C
3 package form: S: test water; D: dustproof
4 contact current: 5:5A:7:7A:10:10A:12:12A:20:20A
5 coil rated voltage (): DC: 3,5,6,9,12,18,24,36,48
6 coil power consumption: 0.36: 0.36W; 0.45: 0.45W: 0.6: 0.6W; 0.8: 0.8W
7 heat resistance grade: none: 130 ° C: F: 155 ° C

Reference data
safety certificatesafe

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