High power starter relay-YS5121

Large capacity, up to 200 ampere switching current.
Relay specially designed for automobile start-up.
The working temperature is – 40 C to + 125 C.
Electric shock load:

Model YS5121-DC12V   YS5121-DC24V
Resistive load 200A  14VDC   120A  24VDC
Maximum switching current 200A           120A
Maximum switching power 2800W

Performance parameter:

Electric shock material Copper-silver double composite
Contact resistance 100mΩMax
Pick up time 10msec.Max
Release time 10msec.Max
Insulation resistance 100mΩMin(DC500V)
Dielectric Strength Between contact and contact: AC500V, 50/60Hz 1min
Between contact and coil: AC500V, 50/60Hz 1min
Vibration resistant Durable 10~55Hz, double amplitude 1.5mm
Malfunction 10~55Hz, double amplitude 1.5mm
Impact resistance Durable 20GMin
Malfunction 100GMin
Life Mechanical life (7,200 times per hour) 10000000 times
Electrical life (600 times per hour) 100000 times
Ambient temperature -40℃-+125℃(non-condensing)
Quality About 90

Line parameter(at 20℃)
Line diagram power: 4.8 – intermittent operation
Coil Specification (VDC) 12,24
Basic model: YS5121

Rated voltage (VDC) Coil resistance Pull-in voltage Release voltage Maximum allowable voltage Coil power
12 30 70% of rated voltage 10% of rated voltage 150% of rated voltage 4.8
24 120

Shape size, wiring diagram

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