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Main feature:
Epoxy resin sealing structure, coils and contacts will not be oxidized and contaminated;
400A@85°C long-term current carrying capacity;
Rated 400V, 200A contact switching capability;
Disconnect capability with 10 times overload current;
Built-in coil energy saver;
Optional auxiliary contacts for easy monitoring of main contact connection status.
Technical Parameters:

Physical parameter
Product size      

See outline drawing



Contact parameter




Main contact contact form


Working voltage


Continuous carrying current

400 A @85℃(200 mm2

Breaking current at 320V


Contact resistance

0.2 mΩ

Electrical life

see life curve

Mechanical life 


Auxiliary contact contact form


Auxiliary contact maximum current


Auxiliary contact minimum current 

100 mA @8V

Maximum contact resistance

0.5 mΩ@30VDC

Dielectric withstand voltage

2200 Vrms @sea level

(leakage current <1mA)

Insulation resistance @500VDC

100 MΩ@500VDC

 Coil parameters (full temperature range)
Voltage range


Maximum voltage


Maximum pull-in voltage  


Minimum holding voltage 


Minimum release voltage


Maximum surge current


Hold current 


Maximum surge time


Environmental performance  



11ms, 1/2 sine 20g


Sine wave, 55-2000HZ, 10g

工Operating temperature range

-40~+85 ℃

Movement time (@25°C)


Typical operating time

15 ms

Maximum rebound time


Maximum release time@2000A


Current level selection needs to be based on output wire specifications; and output terminals should be maintained the temperature is less than 175 °C.
Estimated product on/off life curve under resistive load:
The curve of the number of times of product on-off life expectancy under resistive load
1. Suitable for resistive loads with a maximum inductance of 300uH.
2. The insulation strength between the terminals is reduced to 50 MΩ at the end of life.
3. To avoid contact cold soldering, it is recommended that the turn-on current be less than 650A.
4. This curve is an estimate of the inferred data and is for reference only when the customer is using it. It is recommended to confirm the experiment for different situations.
Order mark example:

YSEV200   A
Contact form:
A = normally open; H = normally open with auxiliary contacts;
Product serial number:
YSEV250=12-900VDC, rated current 200A high voltage DC contactor

Note: The coil voltage, coil lead length, coil terminal connection method, and mounting method can be customized.
Dimensions and installation dimensions:
1. Use a washer to prevent the screws from loosening during installation.
The torque range of the tightening screw is as specified below. Exceeding the maximum torque can cause the product to rupture.
M8: 5 to 11 N·m; M5: 1.7 to 3.3 N·m.
2. The coil and output of this product are polar, so the coil and output should be connected according to the corresponding polarity.
3. Use products that have been dropped with caution.
4. Avoid installing the product in a location with strong magnetic fields (near the transformer or magnet) or near objects with thermal radiation.
5. Electrical life
 This product is a mechanical contact switch. In its final failure mode, it may lose its proper shut-off function, so do not exceed its switching capability and used in the state of the life parameter. Once the contactor loses its cutting ability, it may cause the surrounding parts to burn.
6. Internal gas diffusion life
      This product is sealed with epoxy. The chamber is filled with gas. The diffusion life of the gas is determined by the temperature inside the contact chamber (ie ambient temperature + contact temperature rise).
        Make sure the working environment temperature is -40 to +85 °C.
7. For resistive load, the rated value of the main contact in the rated value is applicable. If an inductive load (L load) is used and L/R>1ms, a surge current protection device should be connected in parallel with the inductive load.
8. The drive circuit power must be greater than the product coil power to avoid frequent drive. The recommended interval is not less than 0.2s.
9. Avoid foreign matter and oil on the main lead; the external terminal should be in reliable contact with the main lead of the product, otherwise it will cause serious heat in the lead.
10. This product is recommended to use an altitude of 2500m or less. When the altitude exceeds 2500m, please contact the manufacturer.

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